TRX Home 2 Suspension Training

TRX, the suspension training provider has released the new Home 2 system which includes the brands TRX Suspension Trainer, a suspension anchor, a door anchor, and a mesh carry bag – providing a complete gym in a bag, all for less than 1kg and the perfect size to tuck into your rucksack. The system can be mounted on almost any door or installed overhead, indoors or outdoors. The Home 2 system offers a versatile and personalised piece of equipment that enables you to make the most out of home training, and with adjustable foot cradles allowing use for a total-body workout, either from the comfort of your own home or on the move. The TRX Home 2 provides users with an effective, versatile, and enjoyable way to increase strength,  build the  core, burn calories, increase flexibility, and improve endurance. By adjusting the straps and your body position, the TRX Home 2 provides the user with a versatility that enables a total body workout with just one piece of equipment.  

The TRX Home 2 is available from £179.95. To find out more, visit the


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