The Barnes, The James Brand

Modern, minimal and ever so elegant. Thats how we’d describe the brand new offering ‘The Barnes’ from TJB. . This everyday knife features a handle machined entirely from one solid piece of titanium. The delicate process is similar to the construction of MacBooks and also reduces the number of parts, for a cleaner design. It’s finished with a precision-machined texture for enhanced grip and an ultra-premium Bohler stainless steel blade for incredible edge durability. This will be your new EDC favourite, and with its full deep-carry pocket clip and lanyard will ensure you always know where it is. Another cool feature is the tradition to consider gifting a knife bad luck, so TJB have countered this with the Barnes and it comes with a coin to give to the recipient, allowing them to “buy” the knife from you. It’s the details, you know? £599.00,


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