2XU #TheRook1es Is The Best Content Online Right Now

Video Courtesy of 2XU
Photography: Brad Farley – @howgoodisrunning

The Ironman Triathlons are arguably one of the hardest fitness competitions a human can take part in right now. Originally born, as most challenges are, out of debate and in this case: which athlete is fittest, the idea for an ‘uber-endurance’ event was hatched during the awards ceremony for the 1977 Oahu Perimeter Relay. Navy Commander John Collins, having participated in triathlons in Southern California along with his wife, Judy, determined that by combining the courses of the Waikiki Rough Water Swim (2.4 miles), the Around-Oahu Bike Race (112 miles, originally over two days) and the Honolulu Marathon (26.2 miles), the debate might be sufficiently settled. “Whoever finishes first, we’ll call the Ironman,” famously said Cdr. Collins. And so a brand and new challenge was born. Since then Ironman has gone onto become one of the most popular sporting competitions in the world where the ‘everyday’ population can pit themselves against one another to find out just how fit they really are. It’s as easy as paying the signup fee and getting training. And thats were 2XU have created what we think is by far the smartest, most inspiring piece of content for a brand so far this year, enter the 2XU Rook1es.

The sportswear brand, which is a go-to for triathlon competitors and endurance athletes alike, has teamed up with the 9 Aussie friends who are a combination of a lawyer, teacher, panel-beater and surf-life saver, and have provided them with the kit and training aids as the team of first-timers take on their first ever race. Untrained and working full-time jobs as well as adhering to a gruelling full-time training schedule, the band of brothers and sister pull each other through the early mornings and late nights, each of them wanting to achieve that ultimate challenge for the everyday man or woman who wants to push themselves beyond their limits to achieve personal greatness. 2XU have made something so hard, so gritty and energy depleting to watch you feel as if you’re part of the team and best of all, it makes it look like the type of challenge anyone can do, given the right training and time. Because unlike other sports brands in the world 2XU focused on their customers, they understand that those customers are their athletes, they understand who their audience is and they’ve manage to do what no other brand has managed before them and thats make Ironman Triathlons aspirational. From episode one you instantly fall for the group of unlikely friends (our favourite is the only female in the group Katie), buying into everything they want to achieve and why they’re doing it. As each member tells their story of the last couple of months training in each episode you see the determination in each of them to not let themselves down but also the rest of the group. Another huge positive of this series is that unlike a lot of other series of this nature it’s not all airy fairy with sad stories to pull at your heart strings. No, it’s sweaty, energetic and full of laughs, just like the group themselves and it’s everything that the world wants from mini-series.

Following this group of rag tag amateur athletes across their 12 months of training will the best thing you do this year, they share the highs and lows of their Ironman Triathlon ambitions and all the sweat, bike crashes and early mornings that go with. We won’t ruin episode 1 for you, as the group describe how the task came to be, so watch in the video above. But rest assured, by the end of it you won’t be the only one eager to start your own triathlon training, we’ll be right behind you and we’ll be fully kitted out in 2XU.

Watch the video above and find episodes 2 & 3 on 2XU’s Youtube Channel.

Episode 4 Release – 31st May


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