A Room With A View: Andrew Cooper, Founder, The Fellowship

Andrew Cooper is not only a gentleman who has been blessed with a distasteful amount superior genes, he is also a dominating male model, actor and entrepreneur. He now releases his very own line of Performance grooming products called ‘The Fellowship’. Five years in the making, Cooper teamed up with his fellow grooming maverick Duncan Morris who is a ‘brand expert and marketer’. They initially developed the concept when they couldn’t find quality products that worked as hard as they should. As firm believers in products that should help men look their best, for the least amount of effort the two effortlessly good looking fella’s founded The Fellowship. Whilst noticing the absence of a truly accessible, natural men’s brand on the market, both
business partners brought their own areas of expertise to the brand’s development. Cooper’s entrepreneurial beauty and industry credibility matched with Morris’ wealth of brand development and marketing prowess that has ensured a product line of the highest quality. With an ambition to thoroughly normalise the concept of male skincare and grooming (believe us its still frowned upon believe it or not…), whilst cultivating a unique community in doing so, The Fellowship aims to cater to all men; streamlining the grooming process and preparing them to stand-up to the wilds of modern life.

So a week before the launch of this revolutionary new grooming brand we sat down with Mr.Cooper to get a grasp on what a modelling, acting and grooming entrepreneur does with his day, and it goes a little something like this.


Morning Ritual

“The first thing I do when I wake up is rehydrate, I usually keep a large carafe of
water by the bed and down it when I open my eyes. I then spend 20 mins meditating
with some deep breathing exercises to energise myself. I won’t look at any tech
before this as it starts your mind working over-time and distracts your intentions.”


Look Right & Hydrate Your Skin

“I like to start the day with a cold shower (Wim Hof method) and I make sure I apply a
good moisturiser for both my face and body. Dehydrated skin equals old and tired
looking skin.”


Fuel Right

“Coffee and a cookathon. We are big on breakfast in our house and I love to cook so
most days start with a big spread starting with a Açai & Banana smoothie and Ginger
& Turmeric shots. This is followed by some pancakes or a breakfast burrito.
Typically, my biggest meal of the day is breakfast except on a Monday when I will
fast all day.”


School run

“For me this is a great time to connect with my kids. We discuss our challenges, be it
work, friends or sport and get in a positive place for the day ahead.”


Creative Walk

“I love to start my day walking our two French Bulldogs; Pepper & Dude. I also find it
a great time to set out my thoughts for the day and make voice notes. If I have a
script or something important that day, this is the time I will rework that specific

9am – 9.30am

Clear the clutter

“This 30min session is about clearing my desk and mind from anything that is
negative or mundane. Once done it would follow with looking through social media to
see what’s happening and if there are any opportunities.”

10am -12pm


“I like to get any zoom meetings booked in the first part of the day while I’m fresh and
full of energy.”

12pm – 2pm

Half Time Break

“For me, I need to rest my mind and take some downtime middle of the day. Most
days this is the perfect time to hit the gym or go for a run.”


Creative Time

“I like to spend the afternoon with a pad and look through anything creative based.
This could be scripts, shooting content for brand partnerships or for The Fellowship
on product development


Family Time

“I like to shut down the laptops and emails at 5pm. If I can, I will watch the kids play
sport and catch up with friends and family over dinner.”


Stretch & Reflect

“Once fed watered and the kids are doing there prep I will head over to the gym and
stretch for 20mins. Again, I will have a pen and paper handy to make any notes for
things I should focus on the following day.  Ideally, I like to get to bed around 10pm,
some people work well on 6 hours sleep for me I’m at my best on 7-8hrs.”

The Fellowship online launches today. Visit the-fellowship.co.uk


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