Vans EVDNT UltimateWaffle

Brand: Vans 

Model: EVDNT UltimateWaffle

Key Features: Translucent ULTIMATEWAFFLE Sole For Advanced Grip & Durability • Built-In ULTRACUSH Insole For Cushioning • Breathable Mesh Overlay • Rubber Accents For Lasting Durability • Internal Stabilising Shank For Superior Support


Ride Comfort: 8/10

Stability & Durability: 8/10 

Best For: Day To Day  

Release Date: Available Now 

Price: £95.00



With decades of experience in skate shoe technology, there isn’t a brand more equipped than Vans to innovate and propel the footwear industry forward. So this summer, the brand have introduced the EVDNT UltimateWaffle: a first-of-its-kind lifestyle silhouette featuring UltimateWaffle construction. Each pair has a translucent outsole that combines a built-in UltraCush insole with an internal stabilizing shank for more cushioning and support, while a LuxLiner interior creates the perfect sock-like fit. Vans is pretty much keeping all the durability and function of a skate shoe and add the comfort and cushioning of something you’d wear every day. Available in an outstanding colour scheme in shades of blue and grey with an asymmetrical perforated leather vamp and flipped iteration of Vans’ iconic Sidestripe. All that being said, normally we’d advise anyone over the age of 30 to stay away from skate-shoe’esk sneakers, however Vans have just blown the door wide open with this latest offering and we urge you to purchase these and quickly, because this summer we’re telling all men to take the relaxed beach look to the next level, and how are you going to fit in better with all those surfer dudes down in Cornwall this summer? Thats right, by wearing these bad boys on your feet. They’ll be the best summer shoe you’ve ever had.


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