What We Want This Week

Reception X JBS Tee

JBS, as it is know to devout fans and locals, houses an impressive array of vintage and contemporary jazz vinyls. With over 10,000 records lining the wall cabinet, music is sleeved and alphabetised by instrument and open 7 days a week, owner Kobayashi-san works there alone serving coffees & tees during the day, beers & spirits in the evening while playing records. His dedication is unique. It makes JBS the perfect inspiration for Reception’s capsule collection. The brand continue to explore iconic venues and eateries the world over – shining light on these subcultural bastions and immortalising then amongst clothing culture. The artisan quality of the capsule collection is created in partnership with Tokyo-based artist Mayumi Yamase. The ‘hands-on’ nature of vinyl records is mirrored in the gentle appliqué of painterly prints – ‘JBS’ adorns tees in soft pastel colours, lifted from the hushed palette of the jazz bar. £60.00, Available Reception-clothing.com

Snow Peak X Rapha Spork & Camping Mug

Cycling and adventures go hand in hand, so maybe thats one cyclings biggest brand, Rapha, decided to join forces with the ultimate premium outdoor gear provider SnowPeak. Rapha and Snow Peak both know the importance of spending time outside having products that work with you and not against you. Both brand are known for innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship, combining our specialisms in camping and cycling, their now setting the standard together on a series of collaborations to inspire even more people to spend more time outside, starting with a limited edition collection of lightweight accessories for intrepid bikepackers. In their first collaboration the two brands have seamlessly combined their eye design and performance consisting of a bottle, spork and mug. Each accessory features the line “seems appropriate”. Spork £13.00, Mug £32.00, Available Rapha.cc

Yogi Bare Paws X Yoga Mat

Yogi Bare is a brand we’ve come to know over the last year or so and it seems to be going well. The brands new Paws X Yoga Mat is longer and wider than your average yoga mat, the style is perfect for men, as it’s slightly more macho (if thats your thing) than the £6.99 thing from SportsDirect you’re currently using. The extra length allows you to move more comfortably through those downward dogs and crouching tigers. Another welcomed aspect is the extra thickness for supportive comfort. This mat also has innovative grip technology where the natural rubber is perforated for intense grip. £89.95, Available Yogi-bare.co.uk

UnderArmour Iso-Chill Perforated Short Sleeve

This UA tee is perfect for the current heatwave we’re having in the UK right now. With the brands ISO-Chill technology the fibres in this top pull heat and sweat away from the skin the keep you cooler for longer. The lightweight feel adds an extra layer of comfort for the wearer, making you feel as it you’re barely wearing anything at all. Ideal for running, indoor training or simply wearing day to day UA have again created perfection in the performance apparel realm. £55.00, Available Underarmour.co.uk

Jack Wolfskin OFFSHORE Hardshell Jacket

Whats a rain jacket doing in this weeks line up you ask? Well because we’ve been having such incredible weather, being the UK its inevitable we’re going to have a week of downpours soon enough, so why not be prepared? And when it comes to outdoors apparel who else are you going to trust other than the masters themselves Jack Wolfskin? The jacket is made of a velvety-soft, 100% recycled fabric and has all the functional features you need when you’re out and about in the wind and the rain. It’s as breathable as it is water and windproof, perfect for those long walks on the beach. £175.00, Available Jack-wolfskin.co.uk


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