Oakley x Jeff Staple ROYGBIV Spectrum Collection

To celebrate our favourite frames ever, the Oakley Frogskins, one of the most iconic sunglasses-silhouettes, the has once again teamed up with the legendary Jeff Staple to release the ROYGBIV Spectrum Collection. Paying tribute to the bold, unique heritage of Frogskins, the special-edition collection retains signature design characteristics of the original frames with a fresh, colourful new look. Staple took inspiration from a vintage Oakley advertisement which featured the original Frogskins logo, creating a collection which pays homage to the iconic frame in four different styles: Frogskins Classic, Frogskins Mix, Frogskins 35th Anniversary and Frogskins Lite. The styles feature different colours of the ROYGBIV spectrum, all etched with a signature Staple Pigeon on the lens and come complete with a neoprene strap. It must be annoying to have to compete with these guys, other sunglasses brands simply can’t stand up to the challenge.

Oakley X Vince Staples Available now in select Oakley stores or Oakley.com.


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