Tronsmart Mega Pro Bluetooth Speaker

Brand: Tronsmart

Model: Mega Pro Bluetooth Speaker  

Key Features:  2.1-Channel Audio | True Wireless Stereo Technology  | IPX5 Waterproof | 10+ Hrs Battery Playtime | Built-In USB Power Bank | LED Light Touch Controls | Easy Bluetooth Connectivity | 60W Power |

Best For: Daily Use, Home/Garden Audio System  

Release Date: Available Now

Price: £79.99 


If we said go online and pick a bluetooth speaker for the home a simple Google would reveal literally thousands of options ranging from £9.99 to £1000.00+, however most are compete and utter rubbish. The Tronsmart Mega Pro is an affordable and powerful speaker that is perfect for everyday use in the home and garden, offering the user an incredibly powerful speaker for the money. With 2 tweeters, 1 sub-woofer and 2 Amplifiers this little speaker packs a punch. The woofer booster makes the bass strong and powerful whilst the two tweeters also deliver a rich and crystal-clear sound, together better distinguishing the high, middle and low-frequency sound that leads to a more defined sound. At high volumes there is little to no distortion at all, which again is impressive for something at this price point and size. Now we’d say this is a perfect speaker for out and about however we found it a little on the chunky side to carry so for us this is very much a home speaker thats perfect for any kitchen, however it comes into its element outside, making it perfect for summer BBQ’s or house parties. And with its easy bluetooth connection anyone can take over the tunes and play DJ for the evening. Tronsmart may not be the biggest or best known audio brand in the world, but they certainly know how to create a dynamic, affordable speaker thats superb in each and every way. Is it the best looking speaker ever? No, but then again its not ugly either. The Mega Pro is the perfect example of what affordable speakers should be, producing a faultless and enjoyable audio experience without over-ambitious bells and whistles that no average user to capable of appreciating. So, going back to Google bluetooth speakers, save yourself the hassle and just type Tronsmart.


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