Is There Anything Better Than Homemade Pizza?

Gozney Roccbox

Fuel: Wood + Gas | Grill size: 30cm

Dual-fuel outdoor cookers are surely the best of both worlds, this compact oven cooks pizza and more, either with gas or wood. The Gozney Roccbox is designed to be portable, with tripod legs that fold away but keep in mind it weights slightly more than 20kg. It comes with two burners, one for each fuel type, which easily attach to the underside of the oven.

A simplistically cool grey colour it blends in with even the most modern of homes and thanks to its silicone outer keeps the oven protect and you burn free. There’s a thermometer on the side and inside there’s an integral pizza stone, which makes it heavy but it does come with a carry strap to make it easier to lug. The price also includes a pizza peel and the oven is big enough to turn out 12-inch (30cm) pizzas.

This oven is fast. Once it gets up to temperature, you can cook pizzas in less than two minutes each. We got great results from wood but found it took a while to get up to temperature (probably down to our own lack of fire management skills). With gas however it was a different story all together, quick, easy to manage and the best bit was the longer you leave the oven on for longer the results become more even.

Pros: Dual fuel, fast, folding legs 

Cons: The wood is a skill to manage

Price: £399 | Amazon | Gozney

Ooni Koda

Fuel: Gas | Grill size: 30cm

By plumping for a single fuel, Ooni has made this portable pizza oven lighter and more affordable than the competition. The legs even fold up for portability. The Ooni Koda is good for camping (remember you’ll need a gas cylinder, too) though the weight of the pizza stone means you’ll need a car and won’t be lugging it around in your bag.

Tested in a home environment we felt its offering was pleasant and well rounded. When lighting its easy however with a lack of built-in built-in thermometer its hard to judge when its at the right temperature. At this price, don’t expect a weatherproof carry case, thermometer or pizza peel to be included, but these are all available as optional extras.

Bear in mind the oven’s keen price and you won’t mind forking out for extras like this as well as the waterproof carry bag. We felt that with a bit of practice you really wouldn’t need a thermometer, though Ooni does also sell a clever infrared one.

Pros: Affordable, Portable 

Cons: No Accessories, No Built-In Thermometer

Price: £249 | Ooni | John Lewis | Amazon

Igneus Classico

Fuel Type: Wood

This is the beast of all ovens. An absolute pleasure to work with the Igneus Classico is easy to start with a big roaring fire, proper logs and loads of cooking space for a few of pizzas at a time depending on the size. Using this will require some getting used to, but once you have you’ll feel like Jamie Oliver in no time.

Unlike other ovens that need maintaining and constant supervision (tending to the flame, watching the temperature with an infrared thermometer, adding more fuel etc) with the Igneus Classico it was as simply and relaxing as cooking homemade pizza should be.

With the addition of the built-in thermometer maintaining that rolling flame to cook was easy peasy. There’s also more headspace inside the oven to protect the pizza from the flame, meaning you’re less likely to burn it.  

The Classico has room for two 12-inch pizzas, and the ease and flexibility of just popping one in and having the added space and manoeuvrability for the turns is a welcomed addition to the oven. Just a helpful note as well, turns out you can put a whole roast dinner in there or even use it for your next BBQ cooking burgers, sausages and fish. However, a word to the wise, its probably one of the largest ovens on the market at the moment, so you’ll need some space in the garden for it to fit and you might want to think about building some kind of permanent bench for it as well. You’re also going to need large kiln-dried logs so there’s an additional cost to running it.

Pros: Easy To Use, Built-In Thermometer

Cons: Oven Is Large And In No Way Designed For Portability

Price: £730 | Igneus | The Pizza Oven Shop


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