2XU The Rookies Final ‘Race Day’

You may have seen our previous piece a few weeks about the 2XU Rookies. Well, if you did, you’ll know its by far our favourite mini-doc on the internet right now. This time round it’s the culmination of months of hard work, sweat and tears for the final episode of the series. The Rookies learn the art of suffering on race day and that if you’re truly racing hard, you must have the ability to push yourself, both physically and mentally beyond your believed boundaries. In this, the 5th and final episode of the Rookies take us through their preparation, performance and recovery on race day as well as their personal high’s and low’s throughout the race. It’s safe to say this group of first-time Ironmen (and women) quickly learn about the art of suffering as we see them collectively taking on their first Ironman in Cairns.

What the final episode above and Visit 2XU.com


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