Have You Ever Tried The Beermosa Cocktail?

Cocktails, although incredibly satisfying to drink they can be a disaster if mixed in the wrong hands. This simple weekend sipper is one that even the most cack handed of us can pull off well and make a drink that sings. This cocktail can be pulled together from ingredients that almost everyone has lying around in their cupboards. If you have some oranges, and a lager or two rolling around the fridge then you’re on the right track. Fresh squeezed OJ is going to give you the added fluff that’s good for texture, but simply cracking open a carton will do the trick. This recipe can be batched, just follow a 2:1 beer to OJ ratio.

6oz of lighter beer (BudLite, Oberon, Corona are a few recommendations)
3oz orange juice

Champagne Flute or Wine Glass

Add orange juice to flute and top with beer. Garnish with an orange slice. Easy.


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