You Can Now Own Tom Hanks ’92 Airstream

An actors trailer on a movie set is their haven, a place to sit quietly away from the hustle and bustle of live film sets. Well, now is your chance to purchase one hell of a legendary Airstream Model 32 trailer owned by the one and only Tom Hanks. While on set filming movies like Philadelphia and Forest Gump, Tom Hanks retreated to this 1992 Airstream Model 34. The custom trailer was tailor-made to the actor’s exact specifications to keep him and his costars comfortable in between takes. It features minimal built-ins, just a kitchen, bathroom, and platform bed, to make room for a full-size sofa, fireplace, and teak table and chairs. The purchase comes with all of the items inside, including his personal dishes, glasses, and collection of espresso makers. Like a shiny Hollywood time capsule, Its aluminum shell contains 30-years of movie history and displays Hanks’ personal memorabilia from Apollo 13Cast Away, and more, as well as autographs signed by the actor on the side of a cabinet. The Airstream will be sold at auction in California on August 13, 2021. Starting at $110,000.00, Available


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