What We Want This Week

Michael Jordan Signed Space Jam Sneakers

With a new Space Jam film about to drop, Sotheby’s is auctioning off this rarity from the original movie. This pair of Air Jordan 11’s were made for Michael himself to wear in Space Jam. And while the size 13 sneakers never made it to Air Jordan’s feet, they are still some of the rarest Jordans ever to hit the auction block. The all-black kicks are signed by MJ in silver ink and the winner of the auction will get the pair packaged in a custom wooden box with a Tune Squad logo. Current Bid Price $110,000.00, Sothebys.com

Decoded Matching iPhone 11 Case + AirPod Pro Case

Materials matter, especially when it comes to protecting your tech. But it also needs to look good, and thats were Decoded come in. Started in Rotterdam back in 2009 the lifestyle tech accessory brand focussed on design aesthetic, functionality and quality. Everything Decoded creates revolves around an ecosystem of solutions to protect, connect and charge your mobile devices. These ECCO leather matching cases for your Airpod Pros & iPhone are perfect to keep you gear stylist and protected. Wrapped in full grain premium leather the iPhone case is shockproof, protecting back and front thanks to its slightly raised from bezel to stop you from smashing your screen. Same goes for the luxurious Airpod case, which is also wrapped in ECCO premium full grain leather and is shockproof, helping protect your earphones from scratches and falls. This unique one-piece construction ensures superior strength, movement and durability. Airpod Case, £27.99 | iPhone 11 Case, £23.99, Available Decodedbags.com

Vollebak Garbage Sweater

Every single second, a garbage truck’s worth of clothing is dumped into landfill somewhere on Earth. So if we want to avoid trashing our planet, we have to start figuring out how to re-use the stuff we already have. That’s the Tesla of the garment world, Vollebak, have created their Garbage Sweater. It all started with a very simple idea. What if garbage isn’t garbage? What if it’s simply pre-assembled raw materials that we can use to make new things. Designed to help rethink the role that garbage will play in Earth’s future, the Garbage Sweater takes old firefighter suits and bulletproof vests that were destined to spend the next few centuries on a rubbish pile, and transforms them into a warm, soft, fire-resistant sweater. Firefighter suits are typically built out from meta-aramid which is highly flame resistant, doesn’t melt and has powerful thermal resistance. Its properties aren’t reserved just for firefighters either and a list of some of the most extreme and demanding jobs in the world, from astronauts and F1 drivers to military pilots and tank operators, and you’ll find them wearing clothing built from meta-aramid. So ditch that overpriced Louie V or Ralphy L Teddy Bear sweater you take so much pride in and replace it with this absolute beast. £395.00, Available Vollebak.com

Norse Projects Carsten Print Shirt

Norse Projects is a staple brand in our opinion. Sleek, minimalist with unrivalled performance and quality that you feel in every piece of their collections. This Carsten Print is a short sleeved casual shirt cut from a soft cotton with a seasonal hand drawn print. Its perfect for long summer days helping to keep you cool and feeling fresh all day thanks for the ultralight soft cotton, all finished with great details such as a chest pocket and mother of pearl buttons. £170.00, Available Norseprojects.com

Under Armour Knit Woven Hybrid Shorts

We all need a solid pair of gym shorts and these UA Knit Woven shorts are just those. These shorts are a perfect combination offering Strong, durable material that is also light and stretchy for added ease of wearing and comfort. Tough woven material in the back and breathable knit in the front these shorts offer Ultra-soft knit fabric provides stretch & mobility where you need it as well as the ever handy Anti-odour technology which prevents the growth of odour-causing microbes. To pull it all together the shorts are finished with an encased elastic waistband with internal pull drawcord for easy, one-handed adjustability as well as open hand pockets & secure, zip StrengthPocketTM on right side for easy storage. £50.00, Available Underarmour.co.uk


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