RML’s Ferrari 250 SWB

Don’t you think there’s something ever so satisfying about seeing a rare, well-built motor vehicle. RML Group have got just the one for you. The England-based company built its business providing technical solutions for major car manufacturers. Now, RML is releasing its own car, the 250 SWB, based on a highly modified 550 Maranello chassis. The 250 SWB replaces the 550’s aluminium bodywork with carbon fibre panels designed to mimic the car’s namesake, the legendary Ferrari 250 SWB,1959. Along with other weight-saving measures, nearly 230 kilos have been saved versus the 550, allowing the 250 SWB to make the most of the front-engine 5.5-liter V12’s 478 horsepower and 419 lb-ft of torque. RML also intensively sorted the chassis for the application, replacing the active dampers with passive Ohlins units. The interior is also completely redone in a modern take on the original 250’s look. RML plans to produce around 30 units of the 250 SWB. The only set back? It’ll cost you a cool ¬£1.2Million for the privilege of owning this beast. See the full spec Rmlgroup.com


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