LEGENDE Automobiles R5 TURBO 3

Taking inspiration from Lancia’s success in the World Rally Championship with their mid-engine 037 rally car, Renault set out to make their own contender. The result was the R5 Turbo, a mid-engine version of the front-wheel-drive R5 hatchback. Legende Automobiles of France is now creating a restomodded Turbo 2, updating the classic hot hatch to modern levels of performance. Outside, the boxy bodywork remains but partially remade in carbon fibre with LED lights front and rear and custom wheels. Inside, the interior is nearly all new, with custom seats and a dash design that recalls the original Bertone look. At the heart of the Turbo 3 is a 400 horsepower, turbocharged inline-four with a rally-style sequential gearbox. Nothing has been announced about pricing or availability, but expect the Turbo 3 to be pricey.


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