What We Want This Week

Filippa K John Lace UP Boot

Filippa K is the founder of modern day elegance and minimalism. Their handmade lace-up boots constructed of smooth calf leather from Spain is the perfect example of how the brand remorselessly continue to create consistent collections that are universal in appeal. The leather-lined boot has a heavy tractor-pattern rubber sole for superior grip in all weather conditions and have been tanned in Portugal. £355.00, Available Filippa-k.com

Nanamica Cruiser Jacket

If we told you it was August, you wouldn’t believe it. Cloud, rain, wind, some would say its autumn already. But its never too early to prep for those rainy days and ‘light-jacket weather’. Well, Nanamica have you covered with their new Cruiser Jacket. The pullover type cruiser jacket is an essential as we move into the slightly colder days, forever on the lookout for the odd shower as those seasons change. Its water repellant polyester taffeta built from unlined one layer material and is based on the military parka with hem made shorter and sporty details such as snap buttons and cuff adjuster functionality added. £190.00, Available Nanamica.com

Mulberry ‘City’ Backpack

Backpacks are in and they’re here to stay. However there are some rules and that tatty Adidas backpack you’ve had in the cupboard since you were 21 breaks those rules, so get rid. You need something with style and finesse but thats also functional to use for that commute back to the office you’ve had to do for the last 3 weeks. Or maybe you work from home? Well, you still need a stylist backpack for those meetings in the city you attend, after all the right backpack says a lot about its carrier. The Mulberry ‘City’ backpack is for the modern man and all his travelling needs. With its sleek size, minimal design and built-in functionality (it has a laptop sleeve and a boot of space on the interior) its a bold statement of style intent thanks to its khaki heavy leather grain, strong, understated and functional. Just like you. £995.00, Available Mulberry.com From September.

G-Shock GM-2100

The new GM-2100 is based on the GA-2100, which is popular for its octagonal shape and streamlined design, but now incorporates a metal bezel for an even more stylish look. Released in 2019, the base-model GA-2100 inherited the concept of the DW-5000C, the very first G-SHOCK, but was a digital-analog combination model with a slim profile and streamlined design. Options with blue-ray IP (GM-2100M) and dark grey IP (GM-2100B) bezels are available. The dials are treated with a vapour deposition finish in new navy blue, green and red hues to achieve appealing metallic colour schemes with the watch strap employing a square dot texture with incremental variations in dot size, resulting in a sharp look to match the face design. From £179.00 G-shock.co.uk


Clean lines and generous with space, regardless if you are going to read, play a game or just relax in it the IKEA EKENÄSET armchair will become the heart of your living space. Each armchair has a unique expression thanks to the wooden frame which is first brown stained and then cover with clear lacquer that makes the wood’s natural grains visible. The perfect armchair for anyone looking to relax. £179.00, Available Ikea.com


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