CAFFEINATED: Batch Coffee Subscription

Header image: KnowJack for 79Collective

Welcome to CAFFEINATED, our new feature where we introduce you to some of the best coffee brands, businesses and roasters out there. Whether you’re new to the world of speciality coffee or you’re a seasoned veteran this feature is the one for you.

Starting us off is Batch coffee, a specialty coffee subscription service that showcases the very best coffee from around the world and roasted by independent coffee roasters in the UK. With an ever-growing list of roasteries popping up by the week in the UK and Ireland, there are so many new coffees and roasting styles to try. Although the larger more established roasteries are easy to find online and on social media, the smaller ‘micro-roasters’ with little budget for marketing are a little harder to sniff out. Which is where Batch come in and like hunting for truffles, it’s totally worth the hunting and the best bit is it’s all done by Batch founder Tom Saxon. The company send you two different coffees in your monthly subscription box which come in a funky and pleasantly colourful packaging and you can pick from beans, espresso, ground coffee and much more, depending on your preference.

Brand: BATCH Coffee Subscription

Coffee Roaster:  Symposium Coffee Roasters. Norwich, Norfolk

Coffee Name & Origin: Tarika – Ethiopia

Roast: Medium

Flavour & Aroma: 9/10 

Drinkability: 9/10

Best For: Those that like a strong flavour with a balanced but strong after taste.

Recommendation Score: 10/10


Notes About The Roaster:  

Symposium source the majority of their coffee from East Africa, a region famed in the speciality coffee scene for producing world-class washed coffees that produce some extraordinary flavour notes. However, it is also a region of poverty and exploitation of people and the land. Symposiums sustainable coffee sourcing model focuses on direct trade & sourcing through carefully selected coffee importers that encourage producers to improve the quality of their coffees meaning a higher price. Price Per Bag £9.00/250g


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