Kristen Stewart Sparks A Remarkable Diana In ‘Spencer’

Princess Diana was the nations sweet-heart and early on in her marriage, often resembled a deer caught in headlights which won the heart and minds of people all over the UK and wider world. What her marriage to Prince Charles was like has been cannon fodder for gossips and royalty experts for years and with shows the The Crown, we’ve been given a insiders glimpse into the not so happy marriage and Dianas struggle with life, love and the media. So then its comes as no surprise that the the first teaser trailer for Spencer finally arrived and its jam packed with suspense, emotion and sorrow, with a perfectly chosen Kristen Stewart to take the lead as Princess Diana in the biopic. Unsurprisingly, the much-anticipated preview of the Pablo Larraín-directed film offers up some stately visuals. In one scene, a series of looks are laid out for Diana’s long weekend at Sandringham, which forms the backdrop for the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles, and in another chefs prepare lobsters for a candlelit dinner. The trailer then cuts to Kristen Stewart as Diana, hiding herself away from the party. Later, she’s also seen posing for the royals’ annual Christmas portrait, bolting across the grounds, and talking about her relationship with the press, giving a (very brief) insight into Stewart’s take on her voice. Larraín has previously directed the 2016 Jackie Kennedy biopic Jackie, followed in 2019 by the sexual dance drama EmaSpencer is written by Steven Knight and shot by Claire Mathon (of Atlantics and Portrait of a Lady on Fire), with music by Radiohead musician Jonny Greenwood.

Following a September 3 premiere at the 2021 Venice Film Festival, the film is set to arrive in cinemas on November 5. Watch the new trailer above.


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