WHOOP Is Now Valued At $3.6 Billion After Latest Funding Round

As most will know we are big advocates of Boston based Whoop and its fitness bands and have been since around 2015. The company hasn’t had any issue attracting customers who are serious about their fitness. The company also haven’t had any issues attracting venture capital over the years, either. As of late-2019, it raised $55 million. Now it’s back with a huge $200 million raise. The Series F round brings Whoop’s total funding to nearly $405 million — a pretty massive investment for a company of its size. The round, led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2, puts the valuation at a jaw-dropping $3.6 billion valuation. Additional investors include IVP, Cavu Venture Partners, Thursday Ventures, GP Bullhound, Accomplice, NextView Ventures and Animal Capital. They join a long list of former backers, including the National Football League Players Association, Jack Dorsey and a number of professional athletes. The company’s targeting of athletes marks a strong contrast with leading consumer wearables like the Apple Watch and Fitbit. In fact, the company has a specific offering for sports teams, as well as solutions for businesses, healthcare and government/defense. We look forward to seeing much more from Whoop and its founder Will Ahmed in the near future. For now, go and get yours. Whoop.com


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