Emma Original Mattress

Brand: Emma Mattress  

Model:  The Original, King Size

Key Features: Temperature Regulated Top Cover | Ultra-Breathable Airgocell® Memory Foam | Pressure-Relieving Visco-Elastic Memory Foam | Supportive HRX Cold Foam | Removable Encasing Top Cover | Game Changing Sleep | 10 Year Guarantee | Works To The Contours Of Your Body

Sleep Quality: 10/10

Stability & Durability: 9/10 

Design: 9/10 

Best For: People Looking For An Easy, Semi-Firm Mattress

Release Date: Available Now 

Price: UK King Size, £799.00

Buy: Emma-Sleep.co.uk


Sleep may be the most important thing in life. Yes, you read that right and you’d know that unless you’ve lived under a rock for, all your life? A lack of sleep can not only leave you feeling groggy, fatigued and grumpy, it also effects your bodies immune system and its ability to fight off viruses and other foreign bacteria. That fatigued feeling after a bad nights sleep not only makes you feel awful, it also effects your ability to focus and your overall productivity throughout the day. Research even shows that driving tired is as bad as drink driving in terms of visual impairment and lack of concentration on your surroundings, that should be the only fact you need to know. So how do we ensure we avoid this and make sure we’re firing on all cylinders each day? Well its all about the mattress, and thats where Emma’s award winning memory foam option comes into play. Emma-Sleep are the UK’s biggest mattress brand, and for good reason. They currently have a host of awards for best mattress and best nights sleep awarded by consumers and the like and continue to expand their customer base in the UK and beyond. Their ‘Original Mattress’ is what made their name in the first place and is still currently their best seller to date. Made from a 4 layer foam frame each section works in partnership with the layer above it and below it to create a blissfully comfortable nights sleep. Layer one is the temperature regulated top cover which is moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean. Below that, layer two and the start of the foam clique, the Airgocell foam is an innovative open-pored layer that enhances airflow and absorbs moisture to keep your body cool and dry – even on the hottest nights, which is a saviour for those long summer nights. Next up we have the pressure-relieving visco-elastic memory foam, which has been developed by astrophysicists (yes, really). The adaptable layer works with Airgocell layer above to relieve pressure and reduce motion transfer when moving around. Lastly but no means least is the foundation of this Babylon of sleep, the layer of HRX cold foam (HRX stands for High Resiliency Extra). It provides sufficient counter pressure and this layer is designed to keep your spine evenly aligned for maximum relief, rest and recovery in whatever absurd sleeping position you choose at night. Overall then we could not recommend this mattress enough. Everyone we’ve talked to we’ve bored with sleep facts and explanations about the mattress itself and how great its been. Its comfortable, easy to setup and delivery was flawless, arriving in a nicely packed Emma branded box and wrapped in plastic in a nice neat bundle. One thing we would like to see would be an eco friendly alternative to the plastic wrapping. It’s worth noting that the mattress themselves need time to ‘inflate’ and can take up to 48hrs to fully pad out, although you can still sleep on it. Just give it 3 hours when you unbox it before you start rolling all over it. Emma’s original mattress then is what Alexandra was to history. A thing of myth quite possibly too good to be real, its a flawless icon that is held above all others in the mattress industry. In fact, I’m a believer and I’m not sure if I’d ever go back.


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