The Tour Bus Of Dreams

Ever wanted to travel like a rockstar? Yep, us too. Volkner has been fighting for the top spot in the motorhome sector for many years, and with the newly unveiled Performance S, they’ve finally pulled away from the rest of the pack. The over-the-top home on wheels offers a package upgrade priced at £5.5 million, making it by far the most expensive motorhome available on the market. Its hefty price tag starts with a slide-out, with enough room that it can stow a £2.5 million Bugatti Chiron. But what if you don’t own the worlds most expensive hypercar? No problem. The garage space can also transport other cars or recreational vehicles and doubles as an outdoor terrace if needed. Its lavish interior is trimmed out in glossy, hand-laid Macassar veneer, and features a kitchen, rear bedroom with a spacious bathroom, U-shaped lounge. To power the appliances and custom Burmester audio system, the motorcoach is equipped with a 2,000-W rooftop solar array, an 8-kW generator, and a lithium battery bank. Starting at £1.7M, Find out more


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