Under Armour HOVR Mega 2 Clone


Model:  HOVR Clone 2

Key Features: UA MyMap Connected • Compression Mesh Energy Web • 3D Foam Molded Sockliner • Breathable Upper With Strategic Synthetic Overlays • Full Rubber Outsole Features Unique Knobbed Texture For Elevated Traction & Durability • Neutral Ride 


Ride Comfort: 9/10

Offset: 8mm

Weight: 309g

Stability & Durability: 9/10 

Best For: Medium Distances  

Buy:  Underarmour.co.uk

The war against running continues for Under Armour and their designers. As we said in our review of the Flow Velociti, UA’s race shoe, the brands recent commitment to the running shoe sector is taking the world by storm, developing some of the most comfortable and tech savvy runners on the market today. Enter then the brands newest addition to the family, the HOVR Clone 2. This is a mid-distance cloud that has unique UA tech that actually moulds the upper material to your foot. The Clone material is a auxetic material that adapts to the runner’s foot in motion for a customised 1:1 fit and lower friction points with every stride. A bonus for battling those longer runs where blisters can be a problem. Another addition, the UA HOVRTM foam + mesh Energy Web has been uncaged with more cushioning you get more energy back in every step. Having taken these for a spin we tested them out over a 5K, 10K and 12K to see how they held up. Over the shorter distance run the shoe was bouncy and well cushioned, we could certainly feel the Clone tech taking action providing a closer fit to the foot and we really did feel the energy return system kicking in and powering us through the last few hundred metres, finishing on a PB. On the longer distances again we found that the Clone tech was great at keeping the runner in place and didn’t loosen as you tend to find with a lot of other brands. In terms of energy return however, we personally found anything over 12K and the shoe began to feel sand-like instead of pushing energy back through the foot. Now, this could be down to the glorious amounts of cushioning that UA have provided, and after speaking to other runners who have tested the shoe it seems the jury is out on that one. All we can advise is try them yourselves and build up to longer runs which will enable you to test the difference. Overall these are fantastic medium distance runners for the price and they provide a luxurious amount of cushioning and stability on the run, they’re now are go-to for short training runs and active recovery days as we found they provided support in all the right ways for those sessions. The built in UA Map My Run & Coach is also a massive help on the training front and something that works really well with this shoe. On the style front all we need to say is bravo. UA have finally stepped up their shoe design game and are currently creating some of the most in-demand runners on the market. We’re happy to say the old days of fugly UA trainers has gone and we’re now into the golden age of design. Go forth then and buy, you certainly won’t regret it.


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