Aston Martin DB5 Junior Kids Car

Remember when you were a kid sitting down watching a Bond film and seeing his Aston Martin DB5 and thinking god you wish you could have it? Well just like a lot of other things, kids today can. For the aspiring secret agent, the Little Car Company has introduced a miniature Aston Martin DB5 loaded with all the gadgets from 007’s iconic film car. Built on Little Car’s DB5 Vantage, the No Time To Die edition features better range and a more powerful motor. The centrepiece of the DB5 is of course the gadgets, and Bond special effects supervisor Chris Corbould oversaw development. Gatling guns are hidden under the headlights and flash and rotate when triggered and a smokescreen activates at the press of a button. While not street legal, each No Time To Die DB5 comes with admission to the Aston Martin Owners Club, certifying the level of craftsmanship of this scaled-down car. The catch? Only 125 No Time To Die Edition cars will be built, with prices set at £90,000. The model isn’t road-legal, but owners receive an automatic membership to the Aston Martin Owners Club, meaning they can take their model to events and race tracks. Find out more


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