Five Shadow House, Wyoming USA

Designed by CLB Architects, the Five Shadows House balances its rugged surroundings with clean, simple forms. The project, reminiscent of a homesteader’s settlement, was developed with a vision of five connected symmetrical agrarian forms with minimal overhangs—a compound of buildings organised to accommodate an extensive residential program. The primary mass hosts the public spaces, the peripheral volumes capitalise on privacy for bedrooms and a den. The three central forms are linked by glassy connectors; they lie parallel to and offset from each other. The remaining two forms in turn help define a series of distinct and different outdoor experiences including the auto court at the entry, a west-facing courtyard that embraces an aspen grove, and a south-facing pool terrace flanked by a detached poolhouse. The sprawling compound is situated at the base of the Teton Mountain Range and is enveloped by a forest of aspen and conifer trees. Internally, living spaces take a minimal approach with a palette of rift-sawn white oak and white plaster. Strategically placed windows emphasise intimacy while maximising views of the landscape and the Gros Ventre Range. Find out more


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