What We Want This Week

Private White V.C x Gill Marine

The Offshore Jacket embodies the meeting of two iconic British brands, from two very
different backgrounds. They come together to present a masterpiece of design and durability in their offering for AW21. Gill Marine has a proud heritage of product innovation originating back from inception in 1975 and on a visit to the Private White factory in Manchester, the teams realised shared roots and passion in British manufacturing. Bound by water Gill Marine’s technical clothing is used in some of the worst conditions the elements can throw at you.The brands garments are built to be durable, resilient and deliver guaranteed performance when you need it. Private White inhabit a very different world; of Great British luxury clothing made to last, with a focus on using the finest regionally sourced material and honouring tradition. Combined, they’re a force to be reckoned with. £925.00, Available Gillmarine.com

Hollister Slim Taper Denim

It’s about time someone told you. Your jeans are too tight and you look foolish, so it’s time you took a grown up perspective on your denim and Hollister are here to help. Yes, thats right Hollister. The tween brand isn’t so tween anymore and has taken on a rebrand in the last 12 months alongside their big brother company A&F. Now although a lot of Hollister’s products are still very much for the 20-somethings, their range of denim is vast, and their skinny taper style is perfect for men who value good, durable and affordable denim. And surprising they’re not ‘skinny’ or at least not as you know it. It’s time you took a step away from the groin crunching tight jeans you’ve worn since you were 16 and refuse to give up and get something that is both comfortable and well-fitted. We highly recommend taking a trip down to their Regent St. store in the heart of city and speaking with one of their denim experts who can talk you through the shapes and styles for your body shape. But do us all a favour and avoid the tie-die tracksuit, just stick to the denim. £39.00, Available Hollisterco.com

côte&ciel Sormonne Accent EcoYarn Backpack

Named after the tranquil waters of a river in North East France, the SORMONNE backpack brings peace of mind to the organisationally challenged. The interior compartment can comfortably house a device of up to 13”, while the exterior offers three flat-fronted pockets. An optional pop of colour can be added by utilising the pull-out blue pouch pocket. This version of the SORMONNE also features removable colourful accessories and a vertical pocket housing a rain cover. £300.00, Available Coteetciel.com

Ruark R1 Beach Hut Radio

They say radio is dead, well we’d have to disagree, especially when you can listen to full DAB digital stations with the stylish Ruark R1 MK4 radio. British owed, British designed this is the perfect kitchen accessory for creating those warming winter stews whilst singing and dancing to your favourite stations. £299.00, Available Ruarkaudio.com

Ring Always Home Drone

Until now, to get a whole view of your home when you’re not there required cameras in every room. Ring’s new Always Home Cam is here to change that and home securing forever. It’s a fully autonomous drone built for indoor use, has 1440 HD recording/streaming capabilities and the ability to automatically fly to certain areas on command, or when a Ring Alarm detects a disturbance. While home security is the top priority, it can also be used to check on things as simple as if the oven’s been left on or a door left open. It operates strictly on flight paths that set via app, so it doesn’t stray anywhere it shouldn’t, and automatically returns to its camera-blocking charging base when necessary. The drone has both enclosed propellers and obstacle avoidance to prevent damage to property and/or pets. Available exclusively by invitation, with a wider release to come later. £250.00 Not Yet Available In The UK.


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