Oakley Coyote Boots

Brand: Oakley  

Model:  Coyote Boot & Neon Boot (pictured)

Key Features: Lightweight Cordura® Material And Genuine Leather Upper • Directional Lug Design On Rubber Outsole Providing Wet and Dry Slip Resistance • Genuine Leather Toe Cap and Twin Row Stitching Provide Upper Durability • Prime Urethane Shock Absorbing Insole With Anatomical Curvature Providing Biomechanical Support and Cushioning • Gusseted Tongue Prevents Entry of Dirt and Debris Increasing Comfort •


Ride Comfort: 9/10

Stability & Durability: 9/10 

Best For: Medium to Long Distances  

Price: £164.00

Buy:  Oakley.com

The Coyote Boot reflects Oakley’s commitment to superior product evolution. The idea for the original Oakley boot was born more than 20 years ago out of a need to protect, endure, and cover ground in a boot that was built to function like a sneaker. Since then, Oakley boots have continued to evolve, with performance, function and style at their core, giving its customers the freedom to trek unhindered. Throughout the years, the iconic combat-inspired Coyote Boot has proven its adaptability and becoming multi-functional serving both civilians and the US military in combat zones. The Coyote Boot is the ultimate versatile boot, able to adapt to any terrain. The Coyote Boot features an EVA midsole and slip-resistant rubber outsole which moves naturally with your foot, while providing plush shock absorption. Lightweight Cordura material and genuine leather upper offer lasting, ventilated comfort. Finally, rugged nylon laces stand up to rough wear to complete this durable, everyday boot that is designed to take on any adventure – in the city or in the wild.  Oakley has also revamped the iconic look and shape of the Coyote Boot with three new colour-ways featuring vibrant, neon soles: black/neon green, coyote/neon orange, and sage/neon light blue.


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