ThruDark SF Mantra Gilet

We love a gilet, regardless of what anyone says, choosing the right one can stop you looking like one of those Patagonia wearing hedge fund managers and more like a man who knows his seasons. There are ones for wearing in the city, the ‘weekend one’ and the ‘I’m going to the country one’. In fact theres a gilet for just about every occasion (or thereabouts). ThruDark then has the perfect gilet for those autumnal outdoors adventures. The ex special forces owned outdoor company, which was started by two UKSF operatives (with around 18 years active experience each) that knew what it meant to have equipment that never failed you, this desire led them to start Thrudark. The brand has now released its SF Mantra Gilet, a long awaited mid-layer designed to provide essential warmth for layering up in mid-low temperature environments. The body’s natural warmth is contained in thermal air pockets constructed from precision knit, napped, and sheared polyester. the THERMAL PRO technical fibre composition maintains a soft texture and air pockets for thermoregulation and breathability. This gilet then is perfect for the outdoors and will handle even the coldest of hikes in the hills, batting it off like annoying fly. So we guess the only question left is will you look like a badass special forces operative if you buy one? We highly doubt it, but its most certainly worth the money regardless. £145.00, Available


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