Celines New London Flagship Store Is A Masterpiece

Located at 40 Bond St. Celine unveil their new flagship London store. Designed by Celines creative, artistic and image director Hedi Slimane, his Intention was to interact with the building in two different ways for men and women.In the 121M² basement men’s space; The ceiling is lower, the walls white and the floor is concrete, giving a feeling of art gallery more than clothing store. It provides a white cube for the added elements; the furniture, the fitting rooms and the art pieces, yes you read right. Both fitting rooms on this floor are designed as a huge wooden screen that opens to reveal a library and customers are invited to change in the midst of these many books. Situated within one of the fitting rooms, a is a classic oil painting, a portrait of Maximilien De Bethune Duc De De Sully of the Flemish school from 1670. In addition to the portrait, there are 2 other works in the basement, one of which is suspended from the original ceiling. This is, in true Celine fashion, like no other store on Bond Street and something of a marvel in its over-decadent design. Celine.com


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