Eufy RoboVac X8 Hybrid

Brand: Eufy 

Model:  Robovac X8 Hybrid

Key Features: 2 in 1 Vaccum & Mop Capabilities | Twin Turbin Technology For Superior Suction | Easy To Use App | Customisable Floorplans | Easy Setup | Smart Multi-Room & Floor Mapping AI.Map 2.0 Technology | iPath Laser Navigation | 140mins Mopping & Vacuuming Battery Life | Quick Charge | Minimal Smart Auto Homebase Finder | UltraPack Dust-Compression Technology Increasing Dust Box Volume Utilization by 127% | Easy Floor Transitioning

Build Quality: 10/10

Cleaning Efficiency: 9/10 

Autonomy: 7/10

Design: 8/10 

Best For: Quick Cleans For Those That Don’t Have Time

Release Date: Available Now 

Price: £499.99



If you were born before 1991 you’ll remember what a huge film the Terminator was and how we all once joked that technology would rule our lives and slowly take over even the most mundane of tasks whilst we sat dormant on a sofa, useless with no purpose. Well looks like the joke was on us. What then could be the one task most people hate doing regularly that we could give away to the robo-hoard? We think it would be vacuuming your house, flat or whatever you reside in. The chore is exactly that, a chore and depending on the size of your manor, could take you quite a while sucking up precious time that could be spent on the golf course or in the gym or even just down the pub. We introduce you then to your new maid and the latest addition to the never-ending list of smart tech for your home, the Eufy Robovac Hybride vacuum. This rather ingenious device takes all the hassle out of keeping those floors clean and might we add the results are extremely impressive. Equipt with twin turbine technology, each turbine offers 2000 Pa of suction power, increasing overall airflow by 80% and cleaning up to 57.6% more pet hair (or partner hair) with immense power. Coupled with that suction capability is Eufy’s iPath Laser Navigation which allows this little robot to intelligently memorise your house environment, allowing RoboVac to quickly build a virtual map to follow for the most efficient cleaning route, without needing you to manually map it out. And for those of you that can’t hand off all the details of vacuuming, the Eufy Home App also offers a virtual floor plan with rooms divided so you can see exactly where your new maid has been. But with Robovac being AI.Map™ 2.0 Technology guided, it automatically generates multi-floor maps, so RoboVac will know where to clean, whether it’s on the first floor, in the basement, or anywhere else for that matter. And the best bit? You can easily customize cleaning areas, set no-go zones (to protect those scared pets) and more via the app. One issue we did have was with the mopping capabilities. If like us, you have your home base set up in a room with carpet but have tiles in your kitchen or hallway you tend to find that the Robovac will automatically release water on the carpet. To void this happening we tried to set a no-go area for mopping, however found that the smart-technology wasn’t so smart and instead the Robovac had a bit of a ‘moment’ and decided that it didn’t want to clean that day. Although this isn’t a major issue we decided that the mopping capabilities are brilliant if you only have tiles or wooden floors throughout – however if you have carpet in some and tiles in other the tech isn’t so great. For us this just led to emptying the water tank and using the vacuum are purely that, a vacuum. Another handy little feature via the app is scheduling. Simply set a time, say perhaps when you’re at work and Robovac with give that house a clean whilst your out, allowing you to come in after a hard day and put your feet up.

Overall this is a quality machine with an impressive standard of vacuuming and suction that would make James Dyson envious. Is it perfect? No. Is it bigger than perhaps we’d like, yes. But you get used to it and it becomes part of the furniture. If you live in a house there is the annoying task of say taking the Robovac upstairs if you want to do the upper levels, however, even in 2021 asking Eufy to make a vacuum that climbs stairs is a bit aggressive. And is the world ready for a stair climbing vacuum anyways? Most likely not. But, the main questions here are does it save you time? and does it clean your home to a standard that a maid service would find acceptable? Absolutely. For the money, this is a great machine and something that we feel most of you should invest in for your homes, freeing up more timing for fun things. Another big plus of the Eufy product is the minimal homebase, compared to other brands out there that are gargantuan towers, this is a small, outlet that hides away nicely.Go and buy this Robovac if you have hard floors throughout you’ll save bundles of time each week sweeping and mopping. If you don’t have hard floors throughout? Perhaps go for the vacuum only sister option, the Robovac X8 and save yourself £50.


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