Fifa To ‘Cap Agents Fees’ In Football

A 10% cap will be placed on all football agents’ fees as Fifa attempts to tackle the ‘excessive and abusive’ sums taken out of the game by representatives. The cap will apply to the amount an agent can earn in relation to the transfer fee their client moves for, with an additional cap of 3% of the player’s wages to be introduced for other services from next season. Leading agents such as Mino Raiola, Erling Haaland’s representative, and, Jonathan Bartlett, who looks after the careers of stars including Gareth Bale, have threatened legal action against such a move although a German court has found in Fifa’s favour at a preliminary hearing. Figures released on Wednesday revealed intermediaries earned fees of £760,000 or over in 117 transfers during 2021 and it’s reported that as part of selling one of his star clients, Erling Haaland the highly in-demand striker, Mino Raiola was asking Premier League side, Chelsea, to pay Haaland £820,000 per week which would be part of a package worth up to £275 million. On top of these payments for the Norwegian superstar, the super-agent himself also demanded an incredible £34 million agent’s fee which ultimately deterred Chelsea from pursuing the player further. Fifa’s director of regulatory football, James Kitching, said: “There is a drop in transfer fees paid [in 2020] but when you expect to see a similar drop in agents fees, instead we see a slight increase. “There are some really striking numbers when you look at the fee compared to the [player] salary. That is why we are looking at abusive and excessive practices.” One such deal saw an unnamed agent pocket a fee worth 118 per cent of the transfer fee paid by a German club to a French club for one player. This rule it seems has been a long time coming and one we’re sure will help the dire strain these fees put on clubs across the world.


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