Ruark Audio MR1 MK2 Speaker System

If anyone tells you that all speakers do the same thing you need them out of your life right now. Ok, that might be a touch too harsh, but they’re wrong in more ways than is imaginable. That’s why if you’re even remotely serious about the sound quality your speakers produce, you need to start with Ruark’s award-winning Bluetooth speakers. Flawlessly perfect ‘starter speakers’ if you’re working from home, and ideal to use to improve the sound of your TV, or If you’re just looking to get the most out of your music, MR1 Mk2 will fill any room with quality sound, with smooth and subtle tones. The MR1 Mk2 speakers boast a super high-quality apt-X Bluetooth receiver and an auxiliary input, to allow any device with a headphone or analogue input to be simply connected. The speakers offer a stylish and compact design – perfect for music lovers and design-conscious alike. £329.99, Available


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