The Perfect Wellies For 2022

A pair of the best wellies for men could well be the most versatile footwear you ever invest in. Granted, you probably wouldn’t wear them to a job interview or if you were going out for a fancy meal, but modern wellies are perfectly suited for most outdoor activities. And while the main motivation for buying a pair of wellies is usually to keep your feet dry and warm when you’re out in wet and muddy conditions, advances in design and technology mean that today’s wellies provide impressive grip, insulation and support on the longest of walks. That means they’re suitable for a lot more than trudging around a muddy field; if you’re heading out for a longer, more challenging trek you can find wellies that are almost as good as the best hiking boots, and which may do an even better job of keeping your feet nice and cosy. We’ve looked at wellies from all the classic brands like Hunter and Barbour, as well as relative newcomers; all you need is a pair of the best hiking socks to add padding and warmth.

Barbour Bede Wellington Boots

The base model in the Barbour range, these boots are perfectly functional and come with a few hidden benefits. The vulcanised rubber upper is solid enough to be easy to get on and off, but still flexible enough to be comfortable in wear, and includes an adjuster strap to make them even more comfortable and a thick insole keeps your toes warm even in extended periods standing around. This is attached to the rest of the boot, which means it stays securely in place when pulling the boots on and off, but you can’t dry or air it separately. An important design tweak is an addition of a ‘kick spur feature’; a small right-angled projection on the heel that provides a lever to help you get your boots on and off. They’re not the cheapest, obviously but more money usually means better quality. If you’re wanting a pair of boots that’ll keep you comfy and dry for years to come. £69.95,

Huntar Original Chelsea Boot

The Hunter Original Chelsea Boot is an autumn/winter staple. This year it has been re-engineered for an improved fit and all-day comfort, with a wider ankle circumference and an increased curve in the heel and around the Achilles tendon delivering an even more comfortable fit. Ready for rain, snow and muddy autumnal walks, this is the perfect alternative to knee-high wellies and are a lot more versatile than their larger siblings. Each boot is handcrafted from natural rubber and vulcanised for superior protection. Retaining the iconic features of a traditional Chelsea, it features elasticated gussets and has a nylon pull-tab to make stepping into the boot easy. In a classic black ice matte, these men’s waterproof Chelsea’s are wet weather essential. £95.00,

Le Chameau Vierzonord Wellington Boot

If you’re looking for a wellington boot that is heaped with function and style, these Le Chameau could be the best wellies for you. The Vierzonord are built to last, so expect a robust and durable build straight out of the box. If you work outdoors, they will see you through many years of slogging away in the mud and heavy rain, thanks to their durable natural rubber upper and hard-wearing rubber sole. These really are perfect for dog walking and muddy country strolls. These wellies are built with an adjustable snap-fastening buckle on the side so that you can wear them comfortably over jeans, trousers and leggings or if you just have bigger calves. The fast-drying 3mm neoprene keeps your feet dry and makes these wellies comfort rated to temperatures as low as -15°C. £195.00,

The Muck APEX Short Boot

The Muck Boot Apex is a welly boot for people who don’t like wellies. More akin to a traditional hiking boot, the Apex melds high-performance welly-esque rubber and 5mm neoprene with a mid-ankle boot design, resulting in a close-fitting, highly flexible waterproof boot. There’s plenty of breathability built in to combat the inevitable internal sweatiness, as well as an antimicrobial footbed insert to beat the pong.  The outsole is designed for use on loose and soft ground, making these perfect for high-performance activities in soggy conditions, as well as ingenious ‘stealth’ wellies for those times when the dress code isn’t obvious. That front lock-down waterproof zipper and screen collar help to keep the boot securely on the foot, as well as prevent debris from sneaking in and ruining your day. £160.00,

Ariat Burford Insulated Zip Boot

Built to perform in all conditions this is a boot that is slightly taller than the rest. Great insulation makes it the perfect wellie for winter and spring. Shock absorption from the midsole enhances comfort on longer walks and you feel a thing when walking over hard, stony forest trails. The comfort continues with a wicking footbed and an outsole that digs into any mud or loose gravel to give you plenty of confidence while walking or working outdoors. The boots have a classic design with a leather-trimmed top and zip that runs from heel to calf, making the boots easy to get on and off. £200,


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