DEAR RIDER: The Story Of Jake Burton Carpenter

Snowboarding is a sport of grace and elegance, of poise and control. It also happens to be a sport dominated by some of the most chilled out and cool looking guys and gals you’ve ever seen. But it wasn’t always an accepted sport or way of life. For that, we have Jake Burton Carpenter to thank. DEAR RIDER, is a feature documentary from Red Bull Media House and Emmy®-winning director Fernando Villena, celebrating the life and vision of Jake Burton Carpenter, the pioneer who propelled the sport of snowboarding into a global and cultural phenomenon. The intimate and revealing documentary features interviews with Jake’s family, friends, and fellow snowboarders, including action sports icons Shaun White, Kelly Clark, and Mark McMorris, as well as a wealth of archival material and home movies. The film pays homage to Jake’s beloved and loyal “riders,” the audience he faithfully addressed every year for decades on the first page of his snowboard company’s catalogue. Actor Woody Harrelson, a close friend of Jake’s, narrates catalogue passages interspersed throughout the film. Inspired by the Snurfer, a surfboard-styled strip of wood, Jake created his first snowboard in 1977 as an inexpensive alternative to skiing. From there, he developed increasingly versatile boards while encouraging ski resorts, sponsors, and world-class athletes to take up what the media dubbed “the worst new sport.” By the late 1990s, Jake’s vision had catapulted the punk-infused culture of snowboarding into the mainstream and onto the world stage—the Olympics. But as Jake and his beloved company, Burton, thrived in the new century, the entrepreneur battled two very serious health problems: Miller Fisher Syndrome, a rare nerve disorder, as well as cancer, which ultimately claimed his life in 2019. Today, Jake’s memory lives on throughout the snowboarding community, and his wife Donna Carpenter remains at the helm of the family-owned business. The film will be available in the UK on digital download from 24 January 2022.   


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