Grüum Are The Brand That’s Missing From Your Life

There was once a time when you’re grandfather was the age you are now and male ‘grooming’ was simply a bar of inexpensive soap and some warm water. Today the male grooming industry is worth a bonkers £40 Billion, and that number is expected to double by 2032. With that, men have more choice than ever when it comes to grooming products, luckily or unluckily the market is littered with everything from £1 body washes to beard oil that’ll set you back £300+. The issue is there are still so many ‘duff’ brands out there with products that aren’t worth the packaging they’re in which end up making your face an oiler than a McDonald’s fryer or causing you to break out in spots like it’s the 90’s and you’re going through puberty again (heaven forbid). It’s with immense pleasure then that thanks to an eager young gun looking to prove himself on our team, we came across the UK based brand Grüum (pronounced Groom). According to its founder’s it all started with a wander down the supermarket beauty aisle. A wall of pink to the left, a sad little pocket of grey to the right. Overwhelmed with the number of outrageous claims on bottles as well as obscenely varying prices it got the founder’s thinking “Why are women’s skincare choices so complicated, and men’s so limited? Why’s everything for women so pink, and for guys, so grey? And how come razors and skincare products are so expensive?”. So with that little conundrum that has baffled the male specifics since the dawn of Nivea for men, they went to work. What they came up with were products inspired by Scandinavian ideals, pledging they’d only create products that serve a real purpose as well as only using quality ingredients, but most importantly they decided they wouldn’t make things “for him” and “for her”, they’d make products for everyone and they’d keep their cost and prices low while they did it. So what of the products? Surely when they set out on this journey of ideals they quickly discovered it wasn’t as simple as they originally thought? Well, you’d be wrong. What Grüuum have created are functional, elegant products that, as they promised, serve a purpose. From shampoo bars (£8) to dry body oils (£12) they really have thought about everything, you could ever need or want. Not only are the products light on the skin they still give a lavish feel that everyone wants when it comes to their skin regime. The packaging too is quality, with no expensive, architectural masterpiece just for a bottle of moisturiser. No, just like the products themselves the packing serves a purpose. Another handy idea that the Grüum had was to have a handy subscription model as well as a one-time purchase option to keep you fully stocked with all their incredible products, which will stop you from ever running out. All in all Grüum is the grooming brand all men need in their life. Uncomplicated, unpretentious and functional for the task at hand. After all, is that not what we all seek in life? Might as well start with your morning skin regime. Find the full collection


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