Globe-Trotter Reintroduce The Golden Age Of Global Exploration

Who doesn’t love to travel? The chance to explore exciting new lands, culture and flavours, to escape the monotony of this modern-day hamster wheel we all seem unable to get off. To aid in getting us back to travel Globe-Trotter, the worlds leading luxury luggage connoisseurs introduce the classic Grey & Caramel colour combination into the Centenary collection for 2022. A colourway discovered within the archives, the Grey & Caramel cases were originally introduced in the early days of the company’s history, today making their comeback for the modern traveller, gracing the classic forms of the Centenary collection and bringing back the sense of adventure and discovery that has accompanied Globe-Trotter throughout the decades. As contemporary as ever, the collection features smooth Vulcanised Fibreboard cases in a deep grey shade, and their design is accented by camel leather details on the corners, handles, straps and strap guides; a contrasting colour composition makes this range bold and unique, showing the product in elegance and grace. The bit we most adore about this collection is that history and modernity collide in the Grey & Caramel combination. Discreet and sophisticated, it adapts well to the classic forms of the Globe-Trotter range, from small cases for jewellery and watches, to attachés and air cabins. But it is in the carry-ons and check-in cases that the incredible history of the company truly comes alive through the distinctive colours that nod to the golden age of global exploration. The collection alludes to sophistication without being over the top and these cases are the perfect reintroduction into a world of travel after the uncertainty of the recent past. Most of all, can you consider yourself an aficionado of travel if you aren’t partnering those travels with Globe-Trotter? We certainly don’t think so.
From £895.00, Available


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