Virtue Clean Energy Drinks

Caffeine (we love it), is always a hot topic of conversation, as is the topic of ‘energy’ drinks and their impact on health and the critical obesity rates that are growing in the UK. But like many things in life, not all things are to be tarnished by same brush. Virtue Clean Energy, the multi-award-winning ‘clean’ energy drink brand which has taken the energy category by storm since its conception in 2016. Following the ongoing success of the brand, and with sales growing over 100% in 2021, Virtue Drinks has expanded its range with the introduction of its new tropical flavour to their selection of 250ml cans. Blending pineapple, passion fruit and mango the drink provides a fruity and refreshing flavour profile for consumers to enjoy. Virtue Tropical contains 80mg of natural caffeine derived from green coffee beans. Much like the core range with flavours including Lemon & Lime and Berries, each drink contains zero sugar & zero calories, enhanced with b-vitamins and naturally sweetened. Find out more


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