Explore The Shackleton Shipwreck

In 1912, Endurance launched from Norway on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Drift ice crushed the ship, sinking it in the Weddell Sea. A search began for Sir Ernest Shackleton’s shipwreck last month, and after 107 years, the search team Endurance22 discovered it on March 5, 2022. Travel company The Luminaire is giving explorers one of the first opportunities to hear about the discovery of the wreckage with its 2022 expedition to Antarctica. Led by legendary explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, and Scientists from Cambridge university involved in the discovery, the 9-night voyage begins with a survey of the photogenic wilderness of southern Patagonia before travelling by ice-breaking superyacht to Antarctica’s most active volcano. The Luminaire specializes in creating bespoke trips, so if guests desire, expeditions can be arranged in 2022/23 to help re-discover more lost heritage from previous Antarctic expeditions. From £120,000, Theluminaire.com


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