TEMAKI Is Brixtons Foodie Heaven

TEMAKI is Brixton’s foodie hotspot at the moment and it’s about to get even better. Hand roll bar will host ‘One Night In Tokyo’, a spectacular omakase dinner featuring a 20-course menu from Executive Chef Shaulan Steenson, with dishes drawing heavily on his time at some of Japan’s most respected sushi meccas located in Tokyo’s Ginza and Toyama districts – Hakkoku and Sushijin. Known for being London’s first authentic handroll bar, diners at the intimate sushi counter of the acclaimed Brixton restaurant will be served a stunning selection of dishes from chef Steenson, served in the omakase (“I leave it up to you”) style where chefs choose their diner’s menu. The menu will be a mix of Japanese small plates drawing on influences from Kyoto and the Japanese countryside, and an extensive menu of sushi influenced by the Edo style traditional in Tokyo. The menu looks positively incredible and includes dishes such as Gilthead Bream and Crab with dashi, alongside a wide range of sushi dishes – from Saba Bo Zushi, mackerel sushi from Kyoto, to cuttlefish, scallop, razor clam and Gilthead Bream inspired by Sushijin restaurant. Book your tickets now for April 26th here, £110 per person, with sittings at 6.30pm and 8pm.


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