Elon Musk Has Bought Twitter for $44B

The world of business and tech has been shaken up, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has officially acquired Twitter for $44 billion. After weeks of back and forth conversations between Twitter’s board and Musk, Twitter agreed to accept his offer, quickly sending the internet into a meme frenzy. Immediately after the sale was announced, the platform exploded with many fans and critics expressing their opinions on the business deal. Some were concerned that President Donald Trump will be making a return to the platform, while others celebrated Musk’s pledge to encourage freedom of speech. The topic of censorship has become a major discussion. While Twitter spotlighted two divisive viewpoints on freedom of speech, internet trolls also took the opportunity to point out that Musk spent $44 billion USD on a platform that is offered for free on the app store. Could we be seeing the reinvention of Twitter? Or its inevitable demise?


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