The Best Paid Jobs That Don’t Need A Degree

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A university degree in the UK has traditionally led to better earnings but a tight labour market means employers are offering increasingly generous pay packets to non-graduates. But a degree nowadays doesn’t necessarily mean a better-paid career. Although it’s noted that graduates still earn more on average than those who never went to university, typically taking home £35,000 a year versus £25,500 for those without a degree, according to data firm Statista. But some careers that require no degree can be incredibly lucrative. Non-graduates can often end up earning tens of thousands of pounds more than their graduate peers, without ever having to take on a pound in student debt. But as we’ve found it is not only having a degree that usually boosts earnings, but the type of degree and the grade can have a big effect. A fashion degree gives you the least earning potential; graduates earn just £23,832, some £1,168 less than the average non-graduate salary, according to jobs website Adzuna. Graduates with film degrees earn £24,878 on average, philosophy graduates £25,428, English language graduates £26,143 and criminology graduates £26,311.

Take a look at some of the jobs below to see if they could be the right fit for you.

PositionJob TitleAverage Advertised Salary, March 2022Advertised Vacancies on Adzuna
1Scrum Master£71,207632
2Casino Gaming Manager£70,0004
3Buying Manager£66,50363
4Commercial Pilot£60,796N/A
5Construction Manager£60,491451
6Project Manager£57,52112,767
7Ethical Hacker£55,874122
8Oil Rig Operative£53,0003
9Games Developer£51,078141
10Massage Therapist£48,56650
11HR Manager£48,3871,355
12Food Safety Inspector£48,00319
13Air Traffic Controller£45,0005
14Training Manager£44,133882
15Army Officer£43,552N/A
17Operations Manager£43,1723,416
18Security Manager£40,923444

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