Balega Running Socks

Surely all socks are made equal? Well, that’s exactly what we thought until we tried Balega. Back in 2003, husband and wife team, Bert and Tanya Pictor, set out not only to create the world’s best performance running sock but to give back to the community with every pair sold.  Now, it is an award-winning and category-leading brand in the UK, US and South Africa. The socks are expertly crafted to provide the fit, feel and comfort runners needs with a vibrancy of colours that gives you a visual energy boost at the very least. But apart from their intoxicating colourways what really sets Baelga apart is their innovative technology that dictates everything the brand does.  To start there is micro-structured titanium dioxide which is infused into the Balega yarn. After treatment, the yarn carries the anti-bacterial active compound known as Silver Chloride, so that when the yarn absorbs sweat, the silver ions with anti-bacterial properties are released and remove fungi, bacteria and germs. Basically, you get cleaner, less-smelly socks! Alongside this Balega’s DRYNAMIX air conditioning fabric system (yes, you read that right. AC for your feet) moisture manager allows free movement of airflow ensuring cool and dry feet with its unique rapid moisture evaporation system. Drynamix blended with natural mohair wool creates the ultimate blister barrier between skin and shoe. The best news? From April 2022, the brand will be using only DRYNAMIX recycled polyester in its commitment to sustainability. That’s a win, win in our books. Other great little design features that any savvy runner will appreciate are also the contoured fit which, given you get the right size, allows the perfect fit which means no rubbing and no irritation. With this also comes the seam-free design technology the brand use and all their socks have a hand-linked toe seam to reduce friction and minimize the risk of blisters. All in all we think you’ll agree, if you aren’t wearing Balega socks on your next run should you even be running? From £14.00, Available


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