Say Goodbye To Bad Swimwear, Forever With Boardies

In all honesty, we all love the summer, it means holidays abroad and endless time spent sunning yourself by a pool or on the beach. But it also brings up every man’s dreaded style misfortune of what to wear in those settings. Wearing the wrong swimwear has plagued the male species for many lifetimes, gone are the days when men went minimal and tailored like our men Don Draper or Sean Connery. Today’s men tend to go in the direction of too tight and too small (think budgie smuggler) or the polar opposite with overly baggy shorts that make you look like your going to audition for the lineup of Sum41 in the 90s. Gentlemen, it’s time to fix this age-old problem for good and be brave and we’ve have found just the brand. Established in 2015, Boardies is an independent business based between London, Bali and California. They’re a small team that creates unique designs, conjured up in-house and influenced by experiences around the world and the people and places that inspire them. For their latest designs, inspiration has come from childhood holidays, travel, art and music according to its founders. 80’s nostalgic graphics influence a core part of the collection, seen in abstract graphics like the “Andre’ print and hand-drawn skull prints, as well as in the new colour update of the Boardies best-seller, “Fresh Prince” design. For SS22 the brand’s Mexican themed prints make a comeback, with a hand-drawn Tulum pyramid graphic, alongside the new Sacred Hearts and Amazon rainforest tropical prints. Following previous successful collaborations, Boardies has partnered with Mulga, the Sydney based artist known for his signature characters featured in murals across Australia. Running alongside this and for the second year running, Boardies has teamed up with fellow London based designers RÆBURN to create a Shark print available in men’s and kid’s, tops and bottoms. The collection is a marriage of iconic RÆBURN prints and Boardies’ swimwear apparel expertise that elevates both brands’ creative adventure. With aligned values across both brands, a natural partnership was established on the principles of responsible design, premium quality and timeless flair. For those of you who are enviromentally savvy (which you should all be by now) matching boys and Dad’s shorts and tees are made using fabric from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. It would appear then that not only are Boardies saving sartorial beachwear lives but also the planet, our oceans and its wildlife and its time you got on board, with both. Prices start £54.00, Available


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