Crockett & Jones Celebrate 25 Years Of Jermyn St.

In the mid-70s, a family meeting was called with a document entitled ‘The Closure of Crockett & Jones. At a time when the company had simply run out of liquid cash, the outlook was bleak. Undeterred by hard work and among the most stubborn men known man, Jonathan Jones, 4th Generation Jones, had the bit between his teeth from that day on. As an energetic 25-year-old, he turned his back on a career in Law and set to work in his family manufacturing firm. To this day, there is not a single person in the company who remembers the times when paying staff salaries and supplier invoices were genuinely touch and go. Still loyal to those who offered extended credit during those hard times. Building wholesale, building respect, and building a product collection worthy of the time and effort it takes to build the aforementioned, all seemed like impossible challenges at the time. But get Mr Jones alone and ask him what his long-term goal was 40 years ago, he’ll say to you: “To open a flagship retail store on London’s prestigious Jermyn Street”. A flagship retail store where we are able to showcase a collection of footwear under the Crockett & Jones name.” Over two decades of dogged hard work, high-quality manufacturing and wholesale success, not only had the company achieved a financially stable status, Mr Jones now had the expertise and knowledge to take the next major step forward for this Great British, family manufacturing firm. Direct to consumer retail.

Fast forward to the 90s, and not only was Mr Jones supplying all of the high-quality footwear retailers in London, making shoes for a now well-known Northampton manufacturer and creating a white label collection for copious household brands across the pond. He had now developed a collection of lasts suitable to furnish the vast international trade that passed along London’s Jermyn Street, day in, day out. Lasts that provided Jonathan (and Crockett & Jones) with the foundations to build a collection of footwear worthy of a Jermyn Street location, and boy did it sell well. But why Jermyn Street? Well, if Northampton is the home of shoe manufacturing, Jermyn Street is the home of shoe retailing. This impact was not only felt through our direct-to-consumer growth but also through their wholesale growth. Having such a prestigious retail location, gave further gravitas and confidence to buyers from all over the world, in particular Japan. 69 Jermyn Street quickly become Crockett & Jones’ showroom on the big stage. Product is one thing. We had the product, and now the brand story needed telling. Slowly but surely business began to build, backed up by great customer service, that initially fell to one person; Mr Steve Murdoch. Service comes from people. Retailing was
a face-to-face business. Those who know Crockett & Jones, probably know Steve Murdoch. Those who know Jermyn Street, definitely know Steve Murdoch. Steve is not only the Royal Warrant holder on behalf of Crockett & Jones, he is still the captain of the retail ship, 25 years after his first day at C&J.

Crockett & Jones should then, if they are already not, be a staple of the modern man’s footwear collection. Forget your Air Jordans or Adidas Ultraboosts, these are real men’s shoes steeped in British Manufacturing history, they are literally the centrepiece of this great nation’s Heraldie Sheild, a visual representation of what it is to be a hard-working British man. And this week the brand has launched two styles in celebration of 25 years on Jermyn Street, the Cavendish & Coniston. Both styles featured in the inaugural Crockett & Jones retail collection in 1997, and remain in the collection 25 years later, having been on a similar developmental journey. Changing lasts three times a piece, the latest incarnations are based on their excellent fitting 375 last. All three are made using Hatch Grain Cordovan. Shell Cordovan, from the inimitable Horween Tannery in Chicago, embossed with the famous Hatch grain print. View the full 25th anniversary collection


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