Hemp And Black Alge Sweats By Vollebak

Black algae and hemp are two of the most futuristic materials on the planet. And over the next decade, they will reshape how clothing and colour themselves are made. Vollebak then, the Tesla of the clothing world are launching hoodies and sweatpants made entirely out of exactly those materials. If scientists suddenly invented two new materials that could produce over half the oxygen in the world and clean up soil and air after nuclear meltdowns – all whilst sucking up carbon dioxide – it would be hailed as a miracle. But algae and hemp both do it for free. So as Vollebak continues on its journey of building clothing from the materials that will shape our planet’s future, algae and hemp are as high up the list as you can get. The hoodie and sweatpants are really a story about these two different technologies. The first is black algae, which is set to replace one of the most harmful yet invisible substances on the planet – carbon black – a pigment derived from petroleum extracted from tar sands which are in the ink in your black pen, your black phone case and the tyres on your car. It’s the pigment that’s used to make black things black. Vollebak has now found that black algae, found in ponds, can be used to make the ‘new black’ instead of destroying the earth and will be used when making the brand’s black hoodie and sweatpants. The second technology is hemp, which remains one of the most misunderstood and badly treated materials on the planet. It’s been banned by governments, had war declared against it, and been accused of bringing down modern society. But its ancient past shows it could have a very different future, with 4x the durability and 8x the tensile strength of cotton, the Vikings actually relied on hemp to manufacture their ropes, sails, and nets for their voyages. And Chinese warlords built their armour from it. That’s why Vollebak decided to produce their hoodie and sweatpant combo from it, made from untreated, undyed,
natural raw hemp the duo are built from a blend of organic hemp and organic cotton which makes them more comfortable the more you wear them. To this we say bravo. From an environmental perspective, every tonne of hemp produced removes 1.6 tonnes of CO2 from the air. It kills weeds, purifies soil, grows super-fast and will thrive almost anywhere in the world. It requires zero pesticides and very little water to cultivate. Overall then the Telsa of modern clothing continues to be just that, defying what we know to be normal and pushing the boundaries of clothing development, long may they continue. But it won’t be cheap with both the sweatpants and hoodie coming in at £275 each, that’s some costly loungewear. But then again no one said saving the planet would be cheap! From £275.00, Available Vollebak.com


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