Breitling Launch Red Arrows Collection

Have you ever wanted to be a fighter pilot? If you’re anything like us, then the idea of mimicking Tom Cruise in the new Topgun movie sounds like a dream. Spending long days walking around in a flight suit to then getting to work at speeds quicker than the speed of sounds perfect. But while we can’t all be Maverick and Goose Breitling, the Swiss watchmaker, enables to you have some of the gear top pilots wear. The renowned leading supplier of aviation watches and official sponsor of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, announces the launch of the Breitling Aerospace Red Arrows Special Edition. Limited to 350 pieces worldwide, the debut continues Breitling’s series of exclusive collaborations with the Royal Air Force which dates from the 1930s, is the only luxury watch brand that’s been granted permission to feature the distinctive emblems of its celebrated aerobatic team. The design brings together Breitling’s greatest strengths in military pilot watches – innovative technology and design efficiency, a robust and light titanium case and a sleek retro aesthetic – for all-around wearability. The Red Arrows Edition references the original Aerospace with a powerful and technical-sleek retro style, completed with the Red Arrows trademark “Diamond Nine” flight formation on the blue dial, while the Eclat crest is engraved on the case back. Equipped with an officially chronometer-certified SuperQuartzTM calibre, it is distinguished by a user-friendly control system with crown-activated functions including 1/100th of a second chronograph, countdown timer, second-time zone, alarm, audible time signal (minute repeater), calendar, and a backlighted LCD digital display – a concentration of power and technical sophistication designed to accompany all day or night flights. £3,500.00, Available


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