G-Shock Characters Edition

Watches can sometimes be brash, overly complicated and take themselves way too seriously. But the DW-5600GU-7 is G-Shock’s is the opposite of that. The latest addition to its ever-expanding lineup of watches this fun piece features past characters from Master of G models designed for use on land and in the sea and air, all distilled into one timepiece. The face and band of the DW-5600GU-7 are entirely covered in a camouflage design styled from iconic characters once engraved on the case back of Master of G watches. Of all G-SHOCK watches, the Master of G line has won over adventurers looking to challenge the limits of toughness. This latest addition brings back to life 18 of the line’s characters, including the iconic frog from the FROGMAN series, the mole from the MUDMAN series, as well as the RANGEMAN wild cat. The band and bezel are specially designed to feature the distinctive traits of each character, making them easy to recognize amid the camouflage. These highly individual characters are laid out in a camouflage design with a basic black-and-white colour scheme for a stylish, cool design and is water-resistant to 200m. The first character, the diving frog, was engraved on the back of the case of the first FROGMAN watch, the DW-6300, in 1993 in the hope that this expression of the playful G-SHOCK spirit would make users fall in love with the different Master of G series. Each subsequent model has used a unique character that embodied the series features. £109.00, Available G-shock.co.uk


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