THRUDARK Elite Performance Wear


Model: Force Velocity Shorts / Insignia Tee

Key Features, Velocity Shorts: CARVICO REVOLUTIONAL Energy Compression UnderShort • Super 4-Way Stretch Outer • THRUDARK Silicone Gripper Waistband • Integrated Leg Grippers • Integrated Phone Pocket • Zipped Key Pocket • T-Shirt Stow Loops • Moisture Wicking Capabilities • Enhanced Thermoregulation

Key Features, Insignia Tee: 100% Cotton • Ribbed Neckline For Improved Comfort • Underarm Vent Holes • Integrated Leg Grippers

Shorts Best For: Daily Workouts & Running  

Tee Best For: Daily Life

Release Date: Available Now

Price: Shorts: £75.00 / Tee: £55.00


THRUDARK are known mostly because of their founders, the badest looking guys you’ve ever met and Ex-Special Forces operators who have served as part of the SBS (Special Boat Service). But if you look beyond that what these guys have created is quite possibly one of the most well-thought-out brands on the planet. Like most brands, THRUDARK was started out of a need for operationally sound gear that could stand the test of time and the rough terrains their founders operated in during their military career. And guess what, they’ve created just that. Their Insignia tee is a structurally sound piece of kit. Now you’re sitting there thinking how on earth? A tee is a tee after all. Well, this certainly isn’t the case. Tough wearing, comfortable and breathable the Insignia tee is the daily piece of clothing we all need in our lives and something brands the world over need to pay attention to. made from 100% pure cotton the tee also has some stealth-like under-arm vent holes to keep you cool. A nice touch and invisible, something we valued when testing out the piece in 42-degree Portuguese heat. At £55 some of you may say that’s a touch on the pricey side, but how much did you pay for that Ralph Lauren Polo or YMC tee the other day? Exactly. And unlike those over-priced products, this is built to last, getting away with wearing it continuously for 6 days and it still looking its best. We tested it, trust us. Moving onto the lower half of this outfit and we have the brand’s Velocity 2-in-1 performance shorts. Featuring CARVICO REVOLUTIONAL Energy Compression UnderShort these are the perfect addition to anyone’s gym wear wardrobe. The shorts have been developed and rigorously tested across a broad spectrum of disciplines meaning they’ll stand up to anything you throw at them. These shorts offer enhanced compression and support next to the skin and are then enhanced with their super 4-way stretch on the outer allowing for more movement when it’s most needed and to top it off the shorts Hydrophobic fibres throughout increase moisture-wicking and thermal regulation. Another handy addition is the tee loops on the back of the waistband which allow you to keep your tee safe on longer, sweaty runs. THRUDARK then are known because of their badass founders and incredible outdoors gear. But it’s obvious to us that they are so much more than that, they’re a brand that is methodical and knowledgeable about garment production, valuing what is truly important and wanting to create only the best for their customers. We could have bleated on about all the cool technology the brand has used to create these pieces but all you really need to know is that these are damn solid garments, created by damn solid people. This might be the early stages of THRUDARKS exploration of the fitness market, but if this is the first swing at it the big brands better watch out because they’ve got serious competition marching up the road and something tells us they won’t back down without a fight.


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