Malone Souliers AW22

Yes, it’s that time again when we look ahead to Autumn/Winter and what is to come. Malone Souliers’ AW22 campaign explores the transformative power of personal style. An array of handmade shoes that inspire confidence and purpose, each with its own individual personality. Style is very much its own language, and like any language, it requires attention to be properly understood. It’s the most immediate form of self-expression we have and a way of communicating our personalities to the world around us. Far from being frivolous, fashion is in fact a vital means of creativity and communication, and new possibilities arise when you feel truly like yourself. It’s these ideas that are behind the brand’s latest collection, A Sense of Self. Shoes that facilitate comfort, confidence, and bold expression have always been the Malone Souliers speciality, but this season they adopt a particular focus on creating and redefining one’s self-image. It’s a collection for those who take every opportunity to express themselves with new styles introduced and old favourites return in fresh guises. This season’s menswear offering consists of a refined lineup of elegant silhouettes that reference the illustrious history of 20th-century menswear. The Dali is their version of the versatile suede chukka boot, and the Andre an interpretation of a classic fisherman’s sandal. As always, each pair is lovingly made by hand in Italy, using traditional techniques passed down through generations. See the full collection


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