The James Brand, HELLS CANYON

A knife is a knife, right? Ask any chef or outdoorsman worth their salt and they’ll bury you in a ditch for saying such things. Welcome then The James Brand, the only brand out there for people who are serious about their knives. Born out of a love for the wild the brand has developed some of the most robust every day carries on the market, and now turns its hand to what we use in the kitchen. The Hells Canyon is the big brother of their first fixed-blade knife, the Hell Gap. The brand designed the Hells Canyon with the help of chef, athlete, entrepreneur, author and Top Chef winner Chris Cosentino, who requires a knife that is fully capable in all conditions and environments. From there The James Brand took their design sensibilities and premium everyday-carry materials and combined them with the design of a more traditional chef’s knife. The result is the ultimate outdoor cooking knife: supremely versatile, durable and functional, no matter what situation you find yourself in. So it doesn’t matter if you’re in a high-end kitchen, roughing it out in the woods or simply want an unpretentious, reliable kitchen knife for the home, The James Brand Hells Canyon has you covered. £295.00, Available


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