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Tesla ‘Safari’ Roadster

If civilization really does end, this crazy modified Tesla Safari Roadster won’t protect you, but it can certainly help you get you away from the zombie hordes no problem. Brainchild of BradBuilds, his 3D render of Tesla’s yet-to-be-released Roadster combines the 911 Safari aesthetic with Elon Musk’s EV powertrain. Four solar panels mounted on the […]

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How Much It Really Costs To Run An F1 Team

The Formula One Team Red Bull, who owns sister team Torro Rosso (soon to be AlphaTuri) has revealed precisely how much it costs to keep the wheels of one of its Formula One teams turning, even down to the amount it spends on buying the material to build the cars and the stickers that appear […]

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1959 Maserati 5000 GT

In 1958, a special customer came to Maserati, wanting a 3500 GT but with more performance. Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Persia, was a real connoisseur of fine sports cars and fell immediately in love with the 3500 GT. When the Shah talked about improving the car with chief designer Giulio Alfieri, Alfieri soon realised it […]

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The Aston Martin DBX Its More Than An SUV

Aston Martin is our favourite car brand, ever. Driven by James Bond, every Aston Martin gives its driver a sense Jekyll and Hyde. One moment there can be an almost silence, elegantly gliding through crowded streets of big cities or towns around the country. But give it half the chance to get on an open […]

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What We Want This Week

Oakley ‘Deadbolt’ Sunglasses It’s no secret, Oakley is the leader of a bloated and overloaded eyewear industry, and we’re happy to say they’ve proven, yet again, just why they’re the leader with the new Deadbolt frame. Yes, its a slightly unconventional design, but it’s a progressive take on sunglass design and we love it. Equipped […]

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